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You have entered the world of therapists, authors and workshop directors Therèse Tappouni and Lance Ware, mentors on your path to an Intentional Life. To us, an intentional life means a personal commitment to creating a life of one’s choice, rather than a life controlled by the desires and beliefs of others. We are honored to welcome you here. There may be many reasons you have chosen to visit us, and we are excited to join you in your journey.

Many find their way to us as they search for an intentional way of living. Some feel removed from their true purpose in this world, or desire to know what it would take to fulfill their destiny, or find someone who understands what they are feeling. Others experience the stress of believing they belong somewhere besides where they are, whether they feel this as stress at work, home or in relationship. Some simply need a little encouragement as they navigate the intentional life in an un-intentional world. These situations can cause feelings of grief, sadness and loss.

Never before in history has it been so important to heal our differences. You are part of a historic movement on this swiftly tilting planet, and future generations will be grateful for your brave step into intentional living and healing. We will provide you with information, skills and support on your journey.

The ancient story: Osiris, torn asunder and scattered to the ends of the earth by his evil brother. His beloved Isis, in her grief, searching until she recovered all parts of him, restoring him to himself. This is a metaphor for the scattered energies of our age, the truth of our separation from our selves—the united male and female energies. Isis performed a sacred act. Only loving attention fulfills the promise of a completely unified body, mind and spirit, within and without relationship, This is called an Intentional Life.

As beloved teacher and author Jean Houston tells us in her book Jump Time: “Change perspective through meditation, reflection or centering, or shift the bandwidth of everyday consciousness to the divine wave-length, and you discover yourself to be the latest flower on the tree of the cosmos, ready to bloom.”

The staff of ISIS is dedicated to healing and reuniting the parts of us that have been torn to pieces by old and current imbalances. Through our years of study, training and experience, we assist in the process of integrating masculine and feminine energies; healing old soul wounds of denial, grief and loss of self; teaching ways of restoring the sacred to daily life. Ultimately, we envision the intentional restoration of balance and integration, through sacred relationship with self, partners, families, communities and the planet. Our gentle therapies of healing, group trainings, meditation, workshops, books and CDs provide spiritual growth accompanied by emotional and physical healing.

Stress, grief and feelings of separation are epidemic in this time, and that is no mystery. We are as divided as the citizens of the times of Isis and Osiris; by greed, fear, the pressures of work, family environment, and the expectations of self and others. Our dreams are scattered to the corners of the Earth. All can be changed with intention, relaxation and focus. This is an exciting time to be human! Our amazing possibilities are rising to the surface, and we need the wisdom of those who search for healing and those who heal. Welcome to a return to wholeness, to an intentional life, to becoming your own complete story.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Find out how you can help balance the masculine and feminine sides of your self, your family, your community and the world.
  • Discover the skills in you that can be strengthened and aligned with others in all types of relationship.
  • Learn why meditation, visualization, therapeutic modalities and training can support your goals of creating a healthy body, mind and spirit.
  • Join others like yourself, who envision a world that is energetically tuned to the health and happiness of children, women, men and the environment.
  • Turn the second half of life into the energetic passion of being.
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