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Frequently Asked Questions
<empty> Q: This all sounds so nice, but how do I maintain a spiritual life while in the midst of work, family and, heaven forbid, a relationship?

A: You do it one day, or one minute at a time. It’s important that you begin the day in the best mode possible. In our workshops, we advise that you don’t start on your “to do” list in your head when you wake up. Before you get out of bed, take your mind to one thing you are grateful for—more than one if you like. Some days, it may be only that you’re grateful that you woke up! Or for the sunshine, or the rain if it’s Saturday and it means you don’t have to wake the kids up for Little League! This state of mind will expand. Keep a Gratitude Journal and actually write the grateful thought as you think it. This helps to anchor it in the mind.

Q: If I did a few hours of Somatic Intuitive Training, how long would the effects last?

A: The whole point of this modality is that it teaches you to help yourself. After a few hours with Lance, you will know the process and can reinforce it daily on your own. So, the answer is, it is forever.

Q: I’ve been to your workshops and I go home so psyched. Then, reality hits. What now?

A: Hopefully, the visualizations, journaling, art work, writing, etc. will become a part of your daily life. Also, it is so important to create a visible space for yourself at home that recreates Sacred Space. For example, create a small altar area in your bedroom where you put a few things precious to you, (pictures, statues, small items, a shawl or scarf) plus a candle, sage or incense, and a place to play music. Start with 10 minutes a day where you sit in your space, even a cushion on the floor, and surround yourself with the smells and sounds of your own meditative world. All of us can find 10 minutes, even if we have children.

Q: Why the emphasis on journaling?

A: Because you are using a different part of your brain when you write, and if you write first thing in the morning, the brain is open to what it heard during the night. Even a couple of lines—it’s not important what day it is or where you went, but what thoughts, feelings and emotions you experienced. In the above question, we emphasized the visual space. It is necessary to stimulate all the senses.

Q: What if my partner isn’t interested in my spiritual path?

A: Explain how important it is to you and if they’re not interested, that’s fine. It’s your path, after all. We are not always interested in each other’s doings. However, if you are both embarking on a path at the same time, the joy is great. That’s true of most situations in relationship. If this is of great importance to you, meditate and do a daily affirmation that your partner will open his/her heart to your desire to live a more creative life.

Q: Being on a creative spiritual path is a lot of work—sometimes it overwhelms me.

A: In Therèse’s book, Walking Your Walk, she says: “In the long run, what we do is a part of who we are and that is the most important lesson. No one will mention our salary on the day of our death. It is good to keep this in mind.”

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