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You have the gifts, experience, passion and goals to free yourselves from painful emotional issues and deep soul wounds. Together, we create a sanctuary for awakening your gifts of spirit. In addition to workshops, groups, and classes, healing and learning will be accelerated in the loving supportive atmosphere created by Lance and Therèse in personal counseling.

At ISIS, we take the welfare of our clients and the intention of our name very seriously:
Institute: A place of learning.
Sacred: A quality of reverence for the work.
Integrative: Joining the sacred with the mental, emotional, social and physical energies.
Somatherapies: Therapies “of the body”: in other words, integration of mental, emotional and physical healing in all areas of the body.

To succeed in this purpose, we are trained in multiple modalities. With each individual client, we choose those methods that our training and intuition plus the client’s issues indicate.

Somatic Intuitive Training™: Lance’s modality—an extension of the work called Autosomatic Training created by Phil Walsh, M.D. in the 1970s—was endorsed by Dr. Walsh following Lance’s training. Lance also certifies other therapists in this modality.

HeartMath: Therèse is a licensed HeartMath provider, with training from the Institute of HeartMath providing tools and coaching one-on-one in person or on the phone. Transforming stress is the number one priority for health and relationships, both personal and business, and HeartMath is recognized world-wide for developing the cutting edge tools and information for leading a balanced life. Call for a free consultation at 805-231-0184.

Sacred Feminine Visioning™: A holistic time-line therapy created by Therèse which revisits the archetypal experiences of women in order to promote forgiveness and re-creation of female experience.

Time Dimension Therapy: A variation of Time Line Therapy in which both Therèse and Lance are certified, created and taught by Dr. Jane Battenberg.

Clinical Hypnotherapy: Lance and Therèse are trained, certified by the American Board of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.


Free initial phone consultations!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Work

“Lance, when I use the process you taught, it is the best I’ve ever found. It brings me back to the present and keeps me there—out of my mind and into my body—and replaces a situation that has been bad in the past, dilutes it, and turns it into a relaxing situation.”
    Debra Wishard, Ph.D.
    Physical Therapist, Austin, Texas

“Therèse, your calling for this work is a godsend. The beauty and poetry of your presence is a great healing force for patience, compassion and love.”
    Cheryl Thomas, Acupuncturist,
    Somatic Intuitive Trainer, San Diego, CA

Lance:760-828-7244 / Therése 805-231-0184

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